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Offered Teach First Place - Can I back out after accepting?

I have been offered a place on Teach First's Training Programme for 2024, but I am waiting to hear back from other jobs I have applied for in the meantime which I may potentially prefer :/
I have to agree to the offer in 2 days - can I back out after accepting, or is this binding even though I will not be allocated my school until after Christmas?
There has been no contract given to me as such, but on my TF account it is very clear that once I accept the offer then they will be expecting me to join.
Has anybody else been in this situation, and do they mind? I need to know whether this is legally binding rather urgently...
Thank you!
If no contact has been given then yes you can back out after accepting. People do this all the time, they apply for multiple jobs and if they get a better offer then the one they currently have, they take that job.

Don't worry many companies anticipate this so have a list of people to choose.

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