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Private gp sick notes

Hey, so I recently had to take 2 weeks off class due to chronic insomnia, I wasn’t sleeping at all for 2-3 days at a time. My work let me take a week of annual leave when it got bad because I don’t get sick pay and had some to use, then I called in sick this weekend and today. My gp took over two weeks to get an appointment with but prescribed me medication yesterday. They said they didn’t need to provide me a sick note for university and I could just self cert for work since due to been on annual leave I didn't need to call in until a few days ago and it hasn’t been more than 7 days yet. I haven’t missed an assignment and don’t need a deadline extended or anything but my lecturers and the people in my group project are ****ed and I’m required to submit medical proof to the university of why I was off if it’s been more than 7 days. Will they accept a note from a private gp not the one I’m registered with and does anyone have experience doing this?

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