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how is collage

how is collage like
Original post by ekamjotriar
how is collage like

It's fun. I personally liked it.

Unlike school, you have free periods, no restraint on where you need to be at all times, and you get treated like an adult.

The downside of college is that you have to be responsible for your own learning and they give you less guidance. Whereas in school where you have full guidance on how to score the higher marks, you only get feedback and pointers in college.

It's expected that you become more independent and take charge of what you do with minimal instructions.

If you haven't picked up the skills you need from school, college is probably the last place that you can really pick up the skills you need e.g. social skills, how to write essays, etc. I would learn as much as you can from college from both in the classroom as welll as outside of the classroom.

The other thing I don't particularly like about college is that there's usually quite a jump from GCSEs to A Levels (different if you did other courses at adult college). There's also minimal support to bridge that gap, which I don't consider particularly fair, but that's the education system for you.

If you have any specific questions about college, let me know.

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