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basically last night i was at a party and was texting this guy who i'm kind of friends with, but who i also like - the relationship is 100% platonic though unfortunately. anyway i temporarily left the party and left my phone with some girl, who proceeded to text a bunch of people in my phone, including this guy. she was asking him lots of questions, and so afterwards when i had my phone back and was fairly drunk i made a joke about how she was 'stealing my man'. i then realised what i'd said and apologised profusely, but thankfully he played along and his response was 'you should get revenge on her'. he then reassured me that i don't need to be embarrassed, and that he doesn't think any differently of me for saying that. i'm glad he wasn't weirded out by my comment (or at least didn't let on that he was), but did his response indicate that he just sees us as friends? or is it that nothing much can be inferred from it and i'm just reading too deep into it?
You're reading too much into it. I feel like that was just him trying to play it out and wanted to find something normal to say to go along with what you're saying.

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