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Tips, Advice and Notes for 3rd Year???

Hey guys. I hope everyone is well :smile:

I have just finished my exams for my 2nd Year of the LLB, and I want to improve my studying techniques and retention regarding my studies next year (so that I can graduate with a 1st class). Do you guys have any advice regarding this, please? Would you be able to share some tips and advice regarding your study approach, please?

Also, with regards to note-taking, how did you guys do it that you found effective? As this is something I struggled with a lot during Year 1 and haven’t been able to resolve this problem yet.

Do you guys have any online resources that you also used that you found helpful for Law, mainly in terms of revision of content?

My modules for next year are:
- Medical Law
- Probono
- Commercial Law
- Spanish
- Children, Families and the State
- Intellectual Property

Did anyone do any of these modules in their final year? If so, how did you find them, and would you be able to send me some examples of the topics you covered and notes you wouldn’t mind sharing please? And any revision books or resources and books to read that you recommend, please? In order to prepare and read up on any of these modules.

Do you have any advice regarding the main things I should focus on when taking notes for these modules, please? So far these are the things I’m adding to my notes (do you think I should remove some of them/add some more to them?):
- Overview of topic
- Relevant Cases
- Relevant Statutes
- Academic opinions
- My personal view/opinion on the topic
- Connection/Links to other topics

Also, do you have any advice for getting work experience and internships, and applying for training contracts in general, please?

Do you have any advice on how to get work experience/an internship in any of these sectors, please? And how many law-related work placements it would be good to try to get? As I already have had two so far.

Sorry again for all the questions. Thank you guys so much in advance for all your help, support and advice, and take care. 🙏

I would say, as much as I personally love making pretty notes on a well organised Notion page, the best proof of knowledge is understanding! A good retention study technique is to write whatever part of the topic you would like to learn (definitions, case studies, years) on a page and then turn it over and see how much you can write from memory. Add in anything you've missed after you finished in a bright colour, then try again until you feel you solidly know it.

I also found that the easiest way for me to have a good study day was a routine. I would go out with friends too, but going to bed around 10 and waking up early so that I could be at the library bright and early just meant that I felt set up to have a good day. Packing a nice lunch to look forward to and occasionally getting a coffee as a treat was a bonus motivator. I hope everything goes well for you, and don't be afraid to ask your professor or academic advisor for studying techniques too!

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