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What is a good insurance choice for CS?

What would be a good but safer option? (everyone's opinions welcome)
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Original post by omgwha
What would be a good but safer option? (everyone's opinions welcome)

It's difficult to say without any information about you (i.e. what you study, what you are predicted, your other choices etc.)

For instance, I am predicted 5 A*s in my A levels in Chemistry, Computer Science, Maths, Further Maths and EPQ.

I applied to Cambridge, Imperial, Durham, Edinburgh, Manchester. All of this sounds insane considering that my "safeties" are the highest tariffs possible.

My logic was that if I'm not getting into my top 2, I am going to grind my A levels as much as I can so that I can get 4 A*s and whatever I get in my EPQ because it's hard to say what I will get. It will mean that if I choose to reapply for the next year's cycle, I have the best possible set of grades and I will have already achieved them so most universities, if not all, give precedence to those students that have already achieved their grades.

Also, my top 3 choices have lower requirements compared to my safeties:

1) Cambridge - A*A* AA typical offer but it can vary (and they may have an EPQ requirement if I get the offer but unlikely after my TMUA performance).

2) Imperial - Applicants with 4 A levels are asked for A* AAA with the A star in Maths (which shouldn't be too troublesome) but they also have a STEP requirement which typically is a Grade 2 in STEP II but they can also ask for STEP III.

3) Durham A* AA with the A star in Maths as well.

If it is the case that I don't end up in my top 2 or Durham, I want to still end up somewhere good and with a reputation for CS, which was my logic for applying to Edinburgh and Manchester.

I have received offers back from them both at 3 A*s.

I also have an Imperial interview in exactly 9 days so wish me luck for that.

So to summarise, I don't have any information for you unless you provide me with the necessary information about your grades and subjects etc. and the universities you have applied to for CS. I'd say that if you have applied to high tariff universities, I'd recommend going for AAA courses outside the top 10. If you already have an AAA course and you are predicted a lot higher and you think that it is achievable, I'd recommend applying for Warwick as it is good for CS and also is A*AA typical offer, which I think is achievable, provided you have these top grades.

Let me know about anything else and I'll see if I can help.

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