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Will my GCSEs hold my back?

I achieved 99888888777
9 - geog
9 - chem
8 comp sci
8 physics
8 bio
8 DT
8 spanish
8 maths
7 Business
7 eng lit
7 eng lang
I currently do maths, fm, physics and geography
Ive been looking ahead maths and physics since mid summer and learned did most of AS physics and just finished AS maths.

Im going to do maths/phys and was wondering if these gcses will hold me back from applying to oxbridge/LSE/Imperial. I know they are not by any means bad, but the average applicant will probably have higher than me.

Also, i go to a top grammer school as i know some unis take this into consideration.

(ps, i know this is asked alot but i can never really see an honest conclusion to this answer)
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From the people I know who got into oxbridge none of them had straight 9s at GCSEs, it seemed like it was more important to represent yourself as a well rounded and passionate individual by doing work experience and other kinds of extra curricular activities. Unlike school make it seem it isn’t all about your grades, read around your subject interests, work on ideas they don’t cover in class, everything to show you think outside the box and can work autonomously, best of luck :smile:

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