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[Q] Routes to Medicine without GCSEs

Most medical schools require minimum 5 GCSEs at grades 6+ though I know this varies. However I only took one GCSE. My questions is this: If I still got the AAA in my A Levels (2 sciences + other) and took extra courses AS or BTEC in sciences & IT (or something along those lines to plug the gaps). Would I even be able to get into Med School since I have no GCSEs? I feel a bit lost since it seems like falling at the 1st hurdle. Med school isn't the be all and end all, I have my nose in finance, but medicine is my greatest interest so it's a little deflating!

Due to illness I dropped out of secondary school and ended up with only a 5 in maths and a Pass in functional skills English for my GCSEs. I'm one year through my A levels, taking History and Maths, of which my predicted grades are sitting at B & A respectively. Year 13 I'll be taking A Level Biology and *hopefully* AS Chemistry on topt of these two. I'm also looking to do Year 14 as an option to take a physics course to plug that gap also. Anglia Ruskin has already said that as long as there's no resits, taking 3 years is fine.
I would definitely resit GCSEs. Not having them (especially maths and English) can hold you back from a lot of opportunities.

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