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How hard is it to gain Admission to Oxford University's Master's CS from a normal uni

I'm curious about the chances of admission for an individual who earned mostly C grades in their GCSEs, pursued a BTEC Extended Diploma in IT, achieving D*D*D grades, completed a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with First Class or Upper Second Class Honors at a standard university like City London University. Their concern is that their undergraduate Computer Science degree didn't have a strong emphasis on mathematics, despite gaining valuable work experience, securing strong letters of recommendation, and crafting a compelling personal statement. In contrast, someone with A levels in Maths, achieving A*s in A levels, and attending a well-known university, may have a more traditional academic background. Given these different backgrounds, is there a possibility for the first individual to gain admission to a prestigious university like Oxford University for a postgraduate program in MSc Computer Science?
What would you be hoping to gain from a comp sci masters from oxford?

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