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How do i revise A level English lit??

hello! I am an AQA A-level English student and I've been struggling to revise for English :frown:

I can't really find any help online and I understand that English A level is all about my interpretation but it's tough for me to come up with a rich answer without other interpretations. Most of the ones I have found are really generic and not developed enough!

I also don't know how to revise the books properly .. like in the context of my exam I will be linking The Great Gatsby to Pre-1900 poetry so should I just pick out things that I can link only or should I just revise the book as a whole ??

Any tips for trying to make my own interpretations and how i should be structuring my revision for English?

(my exam course is AQA English Literature and the works I'm studying consist of Love Through The Ages Pre-1900, The Great Gatsby, Othello, and the others I will be studying in year 13 are The Handmaid's Tale, Feminine Gospels, and A Streetcar Named Desire!)
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Hi I’m also doing gatsby othello and handmaids tale and the best way for me is analysing and practice papers then get it marked 😊

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