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A Year 9's GYG !!

Hi! Welcome to my GYG!

I'm a Year 9 student, and wanted to make a blog to keep myself accountable for homework and studies. I'll probably update every two to three days, so as to not spam you guys excessively.

Goals for the year :
- Not fail a subject (Gonna be hard... i'm looking at you DT) :angry:
- Hopefully not mess up my GCSE Options
- Get started with GCSE Prep
- Relearn Python ( I forgot everything)

Anyways... see you around ! :h:
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First blog post 😀
Exam Results till now :

Physics : 30/30
Maths : 60/60
Chemistry : 43.5/45
Biology : 33/40 ☹️
History : 12/12
Geography 9/9

I've got a physics, math and history end of term coming up, so im frantically revising for that. I should probably get back to it tho.

Bye !

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