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Help me choose, dentistry or biology?

I’m debating between microbiology and dentistry (I’m currently in year 12) i take chemistry, biology, and psychology. I love the opportunities microbiology can open up to you, especially as you progress ( ie. travelling, different sectors etc.) but the stability and pay of dentistry is of course very appealing. I thought I was dead set on dentistry but recently I’ve seen some microbiologist graduate’s lifestyles and it seems appealing to me. I’m worried I’ll make a decision I’ll later regret… any help is appreciated

( ps. I know I have time to decide still but I like having an end goal to motivate me..)
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I think that at the end of the day it comes down to how you feel personally about the courses. The best way to tell what you would prefer doing is to go to open days from various unis for both courses. I’m applying for dentistry atm but the main thing to now with dentistry is that everyday you’re going to be very stressed but you will be doing the same thing essentially every day, whereas with microbiology you may have more variation in what you do day on day.

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