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Studying and Past Papers

What is the basic meaning of studying, how is it done, what does it mean because I always thought it was looking at paper and memorising but what is Studying/Revising Maths, Science, Geograpahy etc. Also where is the best place to find Past Papers and what is the recommended way to do them?
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Hi @yaqubmiah92

There are many different methods of revising content. The most important thing is to find a method that suits your learning style.

So the first step, naturally, would be to figure out your learning style. Spend some time learning about the different learning styles. Click here to view a website that briefly summarises different types of learning styles.

Once you have a good understanding of how you learn then you can begin to try different methods of learning/revising.

Personally, I like to discuss things with others so I am a very social learner. When I have an assessment coming up I meet up with my peers to talk or I just talk to myself! It is strange but it works🙂. I am also a visual learner so I watch a lot of educational YouTube videos!

I hope this helps a little to get you started!

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