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History or geography i need opinions

ok so, overly aggressive title for this, but i haven't chosen my gcses yet (i'm in year9, choosing them soon), and so many people say geography is way easier but i prefer history way more as a subject. i know geography's kind of more useful, but i find history more interesting. any opinions?
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If you're not going to continue at A-level, it doesn't exactly matter: it's just a grade for universities, etc., to consider really. Personally I'd say, go for History if you enjoy it more, as you're more likely to do well, and that would look better.

I wouldn't believe anyone who says one is easier than the other, just because it's completely dependent on you (and as mentioned, if you like it). Both are quite essay-based (History perhaps slightly more so? Though I wouldn't say for certain), and really both provide important things to know: Geography may give more current information and such, though at the same time you can get that from reading the news (obviously not to the same extent though).

What I'm really trying to say is, they both have their advantages and shortcomings, but overall I'd say go for the one you like more, especially if you don't think you'd want to take the other at A-level, because at GCSE for the sort-of secondary subjects, it's the grades that matter. Hope this helps slightly! Good luck :biggrin:
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Hi, didn't do Geography but did History and enjoyed it. Friends who did Geo found it fairly easy but it definitely just depends on your individual skills. For History, it's all about just knowing the content inside out and knowing what the examiners want; I personally found History one of my easiest subjects but I know lots of people who struggled with time constraints and remembering content. Overall, I'd go for History if you prefer it because you'll be more willing to work at it to get a great grade at the end!

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