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Bsc mathematics with acf or bsc acf both from qmul
Original post by Toobaalam9988
Bsc mathematics with acf or bsc acf both from qmul

It depends on how much you like maths.

Personal preference, I would do the joint maths degree, but then again I am biased.

Is acf short for accounting and finance? A quick google search implies that it is, but there's no definite statement to sat acf is short for anything.

I prefer the joint maths degree because you can go into some areas of STEM and quantitative finance roles with it, although you don't need a maths degree (or any degree) in some areas e.g. you can go into actuary, quants, teach maths, maths research, programming/tech, cryptography.

A degree in accounting and finance would allow you to get exemptions for modules in professional accounting qualifications (but doesn't really help you get a job in accounting) or go on to do a PhD in accounting and the joint finance degree would allow you to pursue a PhD in finance. In order to go into specific roles in finance or accounting, you would need the required specific professional qualification for that specific role based on FCA requirements (at least in the UK); a degree (with the exception of possibly 4 specific ones in financial services) won't help you secure a role in the sector in the UK.

If you don't like maths, are weak in maths, or don't like deriving proofs for abstract maths problems, I wouldn't do the maths degree.

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