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what are some good degrees with alevels economics business and maths

I'm not sure what degree I should do, I want a well paying job after it though
with economics business and maths, what are some good options?
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The obvious - Economics, Management, Business, Accountancy, Actuarial Science, Real Estate etc
Add Law, and a whole heap of other subjects that could lead to a thousand other jobs/careers - Job profiles |
Original post by nooriiii
I'm not sure what degree I should do, I want a well paying job after it though
with economics business and maths, what are some good options?

I have several problems with this question:


Your degree doesn't determine your job, unless it's a regulatory requirement e.g. architecture, medicine, etc.


Picking a job solely based on pay is a recipe for disaster; do what you love doing first.


Not all high paying jobs require a degree. If you wanted, you can pick a high paying job without any qualifications if you can do the job well


Just because you have a degree in a particular subject, does not mean you are ever guaranteed a job at the end of it especially in the industry that you want


Employers offering a number of high paying roles can accept people from any background with any degree, so long you have the necessary qualifications (usually professional, not academic)


There are a million and one different factors when it comes to hiring, and your degree is probably the least important factor

Rule of thumb: if you don't know what degree you want to do, then don't do one until you decided that you really want to do it in the subject that you want. A degree is not a vacation and it's definitely not something you can cancel at the last minute.

If you want to know what degrees that you can do based on your subjects, then that's different.
As maths is the only required subject in the bunch and assuming you're applying to a UK university, then you would be eligible for the following degrees (if they don't mind the economics + business combo) and if you have high enough grades:

Computer science and software engineering

Maths and Statistics

Economics and MORSE

Finance, financial engineering, financial mathematics, actuarial science

Data science, data analysis, business analysis

Then you're eligible for any degree that accepts 3 A Levels in any subjects:

Anything in business expect for financial mathematics and actuarial science (for obvious reasons)




Sociology and criminology

Most psychology degrees

Most degrees in nutrition

Some degrees in creative writing and English literature

Nonquantiative economics degrees







Some art and design degrees, including architecture

Some geography degrees (usually ones with emphasis on human geography)

Some history degrees


Game design


Property and urban planning


Media studies


Paramedic science

Social work

Personal opinion:

Look through the job profiles of the sort of jobs that you want first from sites such as:,, and (or the equivalent for your country if you're based outside of the UK)

Look at the entry requirements for those professions

Think through if you need a degree or whether it's helpful to have a degree

Look at the entry requirements of the approved degrees that you need for the profession

Check to see if you meet the necessary requirements with your A Levels

Going via a top down approach would significantly save more time than a bottom up approach.

If you also want to know what your options are, you can also use A Level Explorer:

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