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What is the best/ worst Christmas present you've ever received?

Obviously it's meant to be the thought that counts, but sometimes it's hard to understand the thought process behind a gift :confused:

I've had some really bonkers ones over the years, especially off my nan who was still buying me underpants and children's books about fairies when I was almost eighteen :s-smilie:

Then there's my mother-in-law who often gives us back whatever thoughtful present we gave to her the previous year :biggrin:

So what's the worst Christmas present you've ever been given? Or maybe you can introduce some festive cheer and tell us about a fantastic present you had once? Let us know!
Father Christmas gave me a whole quarry of coal this year :rofl: , it will be so easy to sabotage Christmas now :u:
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After my first year with my boyfriend, I was told to expect a decent christmas present—maybe a nice dinner or a cute jacket from like zara or berksha. So when he handed me what felt like a wrapped piece of paper, my mind became puzzled. With fake enthusiasm cued up, I unwrapped a two-pocket folder. Inside were official documents for a star he’d purchased for me—and named Muriel. That was the name given to my mother in a Moscow orphanage before she was adopted in the UK. and renamed Nicky. It’s also my middle name. My mother died when I was 9, and I’d spent a few embarrassing nights tearfully telling my boyfriend stories about her. Even though a piece of paper can’t bring her back, the night sky has felt different ever since—like she’s up there sparkling in all her eternal glory.
My dad's taken to giving me Christmas jumpers, and some of them are really lovely! I have a collection of about 10 different Christmas jumpers and get lots of compliments on them each year :biggrin:
Socks. A word that has not to be explained at all. Socks are so ordinary and without ideas.
The worst one was definitely a single pepperarmi stick given to me when I was 6 or 7 by my gran (that was after my mum and gran on my dad's side had had a fight). There was also mean stuff written in the card but apparently that had been censored by my dad prior :yikes:

Best was probably my 3DS :biggrin:
worst was probably from my grandparents a few years ago and they gave me some blueberry belvita soft bakes. In their defence they can’t really go out so the only time they get to go shopping was their weekly trip to morrisons and online shopping is completely out of the question.
best was probably a pair of super thick fluffy socks with grippy bits from my best friend that I wear all the time - since then I have made it a tradition to ask for socks every year so hopefully I get some this year

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