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Is a HNC level 7 (Higher National Certificate) the equivalent to an Advanced Higher?

I have been looking into applying for HNC Business Level 7 at college to start in August of next year, I am currently studying Higher Business which is SCQF Level 6 at school

Is a HNC level 7 (Higher National Certificate) the equivalent to an Advanced Higher and do university’s accept this?
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Advanced Highers and HNCs are both SCQF Level 7. They are equivalent in that sense, but the way in which you learn will be very different. HNCs are designed to teach you the practical skills and knowledge you need for the workplace whereas AH is designed to meet the Curriculum for Excellence. HNC/HND courses tend to be a lot more hands-on for this reason! They're less about preparing you for exams and more about equipping you with the skills to work in a particular field.

Most Scottish universities will accept a HNC as an alternative qualification to Highers. Some, such as the University of Glasgow, may want a Higher in addition to the HNC for entry to first year. However, others* will offer someone with a HNC but no Highers direct entry to second year of a undergraduate degree.

Similarly, you'll find a HND typically allows you direct entry to second or third year of an undergraduate degree. Exactly which year differs university to university. Third is more common than second, if my memory serves correctly.

*Some examples include UWS, Strathclyde, Stirling, Edinburgh Napier, QMU, etc. This is not an exhaustive list by any means - just ones I remember applying to years ago for direct entry to second/third year.
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