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Looking much younger than I am

As the title says, I am a 20 year old female but I look about 15 and I feel like it’s kinda ruining my life. Guys don’t really show any interest in me and I’ve never had a relationship. I’m not ugly, I just look significantly younger than I am. If a guy does show interest in me, I worry that he only likes me because I look young and is a creep.

Because guys don’t show interest irl, I have tried to use dating apps. When I send a selfie I either get ghosted or I get creeps asking things like “are you really 20?” or “go on, tell me your real age”. I feel like the way I look will put all good guys off me and mean only creeps will be interested in me.

I also feel like the way I look has kept me mentally trapped as a child as well because people don’t interact with/see me as an adult and I have missed out on almost every experience people my age have usually had. I live alone/am at uni but that is the extent of my adult life. I have never had a relationship (never even been kissed) and don’t have a social life.
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Additional information because I know someone will comment it. I DONT DRESS LIKE A CHILD. If anything I dress/style myself older but because that is the style I like, not to try and make myself look older.
Hey! I'm in a similar situation, I'm nearly 25 and many people think I'm still 18 or younger. It's frustrating, but you just learn to correct them or ignore it, and I think you can notice from conversation etc. someone's age.

I'm sorry you feel isolated at uni, maybe try to get involved with some societies and clubs, then I think the focus on your age/how you look will mean less or you won't use that as a reason for not meeting people, and it's not a concern to not have been in a relationship or dated. My first BF was at 23, and there's nothing wrong with meeting someone later on.

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