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what jobs are people thinking of after a MFL degree?

hello !! just thought i'd ask this in case there are other people wondering the same question, other people might have ideas for jobs that others might not have even thought of so this could be helpful for everyone !!!

unfortunately i have nothing interesting to offer really, since i just want to go into teaching at A-level. it's something i've thought over a lot and i think i'd suit it really well !!

what are other people thinking about?

edit: forgot to add that i'm applying for french and chinese this year, not currently a uni student but just looking for what other people at/going to uni soon are thinking of !
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Honestly I have no real plan or specific direction, but I’m looking at everything from Publishing to HR to further Educatuon. I have applied to some grad schemes I’m super excited about, though - it can be harder to find things if you don’t want to do finance, but there are definitely things out there so it’s worth keeping an eye out!
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i've been looking into teaching as Im recently qualified in tefl, id love to teach online and set my own schedule/etc or eventually teach abroad! i'm also rlly interested in translation and possibly interpreting!
I've applied for politics and French and am thinking about the foreign office/civil service fast track schemes after uni !

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