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How do you remember key quotations from the Power and conflict cluster? There are 15 poems and it is hard to recall it during the exam.
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I think there’s only the comparison question (off the top of my memory that is). For my mock exams I only memorise Storm on the Island and Exposure quotes that link to both war and weather. I love those poems specifically as they are really memorable and as I mentioned they link to multiple topics making them easier to compare to a larger variety of poems. As for the poem you get, you will have a basic knowledge of that poem even if you can’t memorise quotes. By that point you should at least be able to read that specific poem and recall from studying it which quotes would be most effective to use. I would say pick a minimum of two poems to memorise quotes from or if you were to only pick from one poem then that could easily be the poem they give you. I actually haven’t even studied all the poems yet, so my opinion might not be that useful.
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Thank you!

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