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Help with musical theatre unis

Hi, so a couple months ago I applied to LMA and was offered a place which I was really pleased with since I loved the look of it when I went to the open day and I really like Liverpool itself. It just had a good feeling and really wanted to go there. The problem is I've since seen people online talk about how it's not a very good school and you should apply elsewhere so I'm really struggling with what to do. I booked my Performers audition ages ago and almost cancelled it because I was convinced with LMA but now I'm wondering whether I should still go or not. Just want to get others thoughts.
I don't know anyone who has applied and not been offered a place there. I wasn't much for it myself. Too flashy and not very high standards but it suits some people.
Hi there!

If you like the city, there are a few universities here that offer musical theatre, including Liverpool Hope, LIPA, and Edge Hill.
It may be worth looking around- when it comes to making your decision, it might be helpful to make a pros and cons list to compare your offfered course with other options.

Best of luck!
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