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Why do doctors prefer nervous medical students?

A consultant shushed me because I answered two questions in a row. They then picked on me at a later question and mockingly said "go on, you're not answering?" when I didn't know the answer. I'm not going to say the next two very inappropriate comments they made which included profanities, making the whole office stifle a laugh. Proceeded onto sing infinite praises of another student for doing a very basic thing. Strange to see a tough consultant melt for a nervous med student?

I wouldn't say I'm that confident, but I definitely don't talk in a quiet, childish way that some of my peers do to be let of the hook. I know what they are like outside med school. It's almost like you're bullied for knowing stuff. If you're talking over others, showing attitude and stealing all the opportunities, I get it. But I always let others go first/let them speak first etc. However being reprimanded for being enthusiastic and secure is... confusing?

Authority doesn't scare me, though I thoroughly respect your skill. However, that doesn't mean I'm going to shake and shiver on purpose for your sympathy. Or maybe I'm the idiot who doesn't know how to play the game. I don't know - please enlighten me.
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Sounds like this consultant was just quite rude.

I enjoy teaching and it's always good when a student is keen to get involved. If someone isn't engaging much in a small group, I will try to get them to participate a bit more, but without making anyone else feel awkward.

Some people (including doctors) just don't have great people skills. I wouldn't take it to heart.
yh i dunno some teachers just think they can make a confident student the butt of all jokes but ig it doesn't always come across as joshy and jokey as they expect it to. Or maybe the consultant is just an insecure embittered prick
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Sounds like that particular consultant was just being rude. I wouldn't dwell too much on it. You will encounter rude individuals throughout life, unfortunately.

If anything, I'd have thought most doctors would prefer engaged medical students, rather than ones who don't really engage. The ones who don't really engage often seem like the majority!!

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