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I want to get into Cloud Computing, so I'm looking for someone to advise me how to get into the industry. The final job I'm looking for is a Cloud Solutions Architect. I've applied to degree apprenticeship schemes for Cyber Security, DTS, and Software Engineering. When I get a few offers, which ones would lead me to the path I want to go? :biggrin:
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What's DTS?
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What's DTS?

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Work in a job where you are implementing cloud solutions, this way when you become a solutions architect you have experience of working on the product already. Theoretically you may also be able to speak to people who are doing that role to see if the job is for you and/or see what their architectural outputs look like. If you can't do this then try and get a 1st line helpdesk role.

This is general advice for anyone intending to to enter any area of tech. Get your hands dirty before you advise other people how to do it. You'll also have the respect of the people you are working with which makes delivering the architected solutions considerably easier.


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