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Computer Science module advice

Hi there,

I am a postgrad in computer science from Germany, and I am going to Belfast for a semester abroad in the upcoming fall term.

I am planning the modules I will take in Belfast and would love to get some insights from current students about these modules.

I want to take three modules in total, and the modules I am considering are:
- Video Analytics and ML
- Cloud Computing
- Concurrent Programming
- Team-based Software Innovation
- Digital Transformation: Software Design, Management and Practical Implementation

How engaging were these modules for you, and how would you rate their workload/difficulty?

Video analytics might be a good choice since I just took my introductory ML lecture this semester. Cloud computing sounds really cool because it is essential in industry. I am still determining what to expect from the last two modules in the list; they might be cool, but it also sounds like they could be buzzword-bingos.

All these modules, except video analytics, are listed as 100% coursework and 0% exam. How exactly does coursework as an examination procedure work at Queen's? Do you think choosing only coursework modules and no "normal" exam modules is unwise?


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