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Vegan in halls

I've been vegan for about 4 years, and I live in a completely vegetarian household at the moment (I've been veggie all my life). I'm going to uni this September -does anyone know whether there is any way to ensure that I'll be put in a uni hall without any meat eaters? I haven't got any offers/ UCAS responses back yet, but my top choice will be University of Liverpool if I get an offer from them, closely followed by Newcastle and Leeds. It might limit me even more that I ideally need to be in accomodation near campus because I'm studying music so I'll need easy access to practise rooms.
I wouldn't think so tbh, as anyone could choose to stop/start eating meat/using animal products at any time, I don't think you could put that in a lease.

Like you could prob find like minded people to try and live with, but you cant ensure they stay that way.

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