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Second year nursing student : I need to create a PICO question for my reserach?

I don't know what to ]do?
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I don't know what to ]do?

Would have been useful to have some further information about this one.......
You should be able to research about this as a second year student nurse.
Here's a few examples of what you can research and write about.......

The elements of a PICOT question are:

P (Patient, population or problem) Who or what is the patient, population or problem in question?

I (Intervention) What is the intervention (action or treatment) being considered?

C (Comparison or control) ...

O (Outcome or objective) ...

T (Time frame).......

What are examples of qualitative PICO questions.....
PICo for Qualitative Questions PICo Question: Does mindfulness(I) improve quality life among nurses (P) during Pandemic(Co)? How do caregiver-children (P) experience placing patients with Alzheimers (P) in a nursing home (s)

How do I create a research question in PICO.......
PICO. The PICO format is commonly used in evidence-based clinical practice. This format creates a "well-built" question that identifies four concepts: (1) the Patient problem or Population, (2) the Intervention, (3) the Comparison (if there is one), and (4) the Outcome(s).

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What do you want to research? Have you been given any specific areas to research? What literature is there that you are aware of so far?

You’ll need to have a rough idea of what you want to look at to formulate your research question in the format of a PICO. Have a general search of what’s out there using google scholar as a starting point to get some inspiration.

Once you have an idea of what you want to research you can look at breaking it down into your PICO question, using the structure as in Alison’s post.

It may be worth seeing if your uni library has sessions on searching the literature, they can help with writing a PICO question and how you conduct your subsequent literature search of the various databases you want to search.

Do you have any ideas on what you want to look at?

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