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I’ve been with my girl for nearly 18 months. I love her so much, and I understand as humans we have flaws and we should just work on improving ourselves and be a better us. I am a all 5 love language type of guy my girl is my princess so I give her tangible gifts, I make the time to arrange activities and trips where we can bond, and all I care about is that she’s felt loved, cared whilst getting the happiness and respect she deserves, my girl said I was controlling and possessive, by hearing the fact she might be coming home from university with her friend when I clearly said and stated I have no issue and problem who she comes home with provided that she’s safe and sound usually I pick her and drop her off work/uni provided she’s happy with it which she is at the same time she then said I didn’t understand her scenario of having controlling and strict parents as the reason to why the activities and things we can and cannot do is restrictive and limited I said to her I understand it’s culturally and the parents themselves. Do you guys think I should just leave the relationship the next time either of us decide to reach out usually I decide to reach out at first other times it’s her this time it’ll be a matter of wait even on the bus today I asked her to co-operate and communicate with me what’s wrong she was like “I dont want to talk to you, I even offered for her to be cuddled in my arm whilst we understandingly talk it through” she refused… I don’t know what to do… 😭😭

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