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Chances of getting onto top MSc Statistics program from BSc Economics

Currently a third year in BSc Economics in Warwick. I ended my last year with 79% in the 94th percentile and have a good chance at graduating with a strong first >75%.

My related statistics modules are a 74% on my second year econometrics module and I am currently taking advanced time series econometrics and data science only to now realize how much I actually like doing statistics itself. My dissertation is basically time series forecasting and testing model stability so it's even more time series.

While I have taken other quantitative modules, they're more applied theory and not really statistics so I'm not sure whether they are relevant for an application to a statistics program. My other most quantitative module is a more proof-based microeconomics 2 module for exchange theorems and some game theory.

What are my chances of getting onto a top MSc statistics program after taking a gap year or two? I aim to get some kind of data facing role too to get some industry experience and am hoping that could help with my application too. Do these programs consider other experiences? I am currently helping my macroeconomics lecturer write lecture notes for second years and am also wondering whether this experience might also help with my application.

Any response would be much appreciated.

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