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Removed myself from sixth form mid year 12 (a-levels)

I was recently forced to remove myself from school mid year. I was doing a-level law ,English language and psychology. I was trying to find and apply to a school that I could do the same subjects in and that would take me mid year. My question is can I still join a college or 6th form in September and be in year 13 or would I have to start my a levels again. I was even considering home schooling myself for the half a year of year 12 that I would be missing and then going into year 13 in a new school.
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i am also in year 12. I left in December and decided to home-schooling instead this January. Its a great option if you can be well organised and have the motivation to do well for yourself. If not, you CAN join a school in september and be in year 13 HOWEVER you would want to make sure that youve caught up to the correct place by yourself (if you dont go back mid term) so that you dont fall behind and have to repeat anyway.👍

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