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the reign of terror france 1790s

i need help finding historains and thier arguments for the causes of the terror? specfically on war, counter revolution and ideology as a cause
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Twelve Who Ruled" by R.R. Palmer: This classic study offers a deep dive into the political climate of the Terror and the roles played by the Committee of Public Safety.
"The Coming of the Terror in the French Revolution" by Timothy Tackett: Tackett explores the social and psychological factors that contributed to the escalating violence, giving insights into the ideological underpinnings of the period.
"Interpreting the French Revolution" by François Furet: Furet provides a critical examination of the Revolution and the Terror, challenging some traditional Marxist interpretations and focusing on the ideological roots.
"The Oxford History of the French Revolution" by William Doyle: This comprehensive work offers a broad view of the Revolution, including the factors leading up to the Terror, with an emphasis on political and social dynamics.
Each of these works offers a unique perspective on the causes of the Reign of Terror, covering aspects of war, counter-revolution, and ideological shifts. I hope this helps in your research!
If you really want to wow your teacher you should come at it from the perspective of historiography so those who are of a Marxist persuasion would argue that the Terror was a product of events (civil war, Austria/Prussia attacking). They do this to try to deny the possibility that it was something inherent in the political philosophy of men like Robespierre that meant the Terror was inevitable. This was done (remember context of the cold war) to try to deflect attention from the brutality of the communist regimes (particularly Stalin and Mao) i.e. their brutality was not inherent to communism, but a reaction to events.

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