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26 year old uni student contemplating A level exams for Portuguese and Spanish

Hi, I am an international business management student finally on my 3rd year about to begin my second semester, and is set to graduate in June/July. One side of my family is Portuguese and I picked up the language late at the age of 21. Now being 26 and gaining more experience talking and writing in Portuguese, It seems to have had a knock-on effect and really helped with understanding Spanish most notably but Italian and French also.I would like to venture into procurement, and hopefully, a career that involves travel. I have spoken to a couple of test centers and they can provide the exams for Portuguese and Spanish to me for £340 and £420 respectively.My question is quite simply put... Is there any point at my age to take these exams?* I only ask this as I had a fairly lackluster time at secondary school due to family issues so I was thinking it may be an easy way to bulk up the assets.

After further research, just a question would employers favour A level over a proficient/C2 test?
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