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Doubts with the US Sutton Trust Programme [EDIT: Idk, I got in lol]

I applied the other day to the US Sutton Trust Programme, and I didn't really start with much hope of getting in, not for the reasons you think.

Sure, they say on their website that they want students with a household income of less than £45K, but if you read this Fulbright Article, here's what they state:

They take in ~1000 applications a year
They work with ~150 students a year
80% of these students are first-generation university students
63% of these students have a household income of less than £25K

So, 80% + 63% - 100% = 43 % (Minimum percentage of accepted students who are both first-gen, and have a household income < £25K)

When you combine that with the fact that only 15% of the applicants got in- that's scary, especially when you fit into neither of those categories

Imagine 20 people are lined up, most have pretty much just 8s and 9s (maybe one or two 7s), excellent ECs, and only 3 of them are being selected (2 or all are either <£25K or first-gen ) and 17 are being turned away empty-handed despite their excellent performance, for reasons that they don't even control, and no, it probably didn't put them at an advantage either way.

That kills hope.

EDIT: I got in. I don't know, don't ask how. :smile: Huge thanks to the wonderful staff who looked at my application, cus I'm gonna enjoy this summer
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Oh well
Original post by Anonymous #1
Oh well
Yeah..... I got in somehow

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