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Southampton VS. Aberdeen VS. Sussex (English)

Which would you say is the best choice for an English (Literature) undergraduate degree?
Hi, this is the University of Aberdeen rep account. If you have any questions about our university, city or courses let us know, but just wanted to come in with some general advice.

If you're still deciding on which uni to go for and what people think about these unis in general, I would recommend having a look around this site for students of each of them to see what the general consensus is.
It's also worth thinking about the cities and what appeals to you. Do you want to be close to or far away from family, do you want to be in a big or small city, are there things/places in that city that you're interested in or will be good for any hobbies you have; those sorts of factors should definitely be on your mind as well as the actual courses of each of the universities.
Then it would be worth having a look on each of our websites to see what appeals to you about the courses eg. course content, projects you will get to do through your degree, prospects upon graduation, that sort of thing. I'd also say if you have the opportunity to visit the places you are interested in so you can get a better impression of the universities themselves and the cities they're in, but understand this can be difficult so if not then contacting them with any questions you might have would be a good shout.
If it's of interest you can find out more about the English degrees we offer here:
If you're yet to apply/are awaiting an offer then I'll also say that you don't need to come to a firm decision right now, as you have time to allow yourself to think it over.

I hope this information has been useful and all the best with coming to a decision!

- Matthew, Enquiry Team

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