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How hard is self studying A-Level Economics

Hi everyone,
My post is about how hard is it to self study A-Level Economics. I am doing this because I feel my A-Level combination is too weak to apply for competitive courses like economics at top unis. I'm currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Btec IT and an EPQ. Does anyone have any tips, which exam board to do and any websites, textbooks to use. Also is it too late to self study as it currently near February in Year 12
i dont think its late to self study at all. there are so many economics rescources online. i do edexcel and everything i have learnt has been from online. im in year 13 and economics is my best subject and also the one i enjoy the most. econplusdai is so helpful on youtube and tutor2u has everything. even physicsandmathstutor has really great notes. Theres soo many textbooks and its such a relevent topic that anything that happens globally will help you gain marks in your exams

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