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Stuck on what course & uni to choose

I am a Scottish student and very fortunate to receive unconditionals for International Business (Edin Uni), Business & Economics (Glasgow) and Business Studies (Stirling). I can't decide which to choose. Looking for some advice.
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Personally I would choose business and economics (Glasgow) as a combined course could help you in the future when applying for jobs or a masters. Econmics could definitely help in terms of being able to apply for a further economics masters or data analyst or data science or even computer science or finance masters business could open doors to masters in marketing /management (most degrees are accepted), MBA. Ofcourse some masters do not require subject specific courses .

There's loads of jobs which ask for business graduate but there's also loads that ask for economics graduates. Both can offer different career prospects, with different earning potentials so why limit yourself. You may like both courses together or you may not but you can usually choose to drop one subject if that's the case.

While the university itself can matter as you need somewhere you feel happy living at or traveling to , you need to think of university as an investment which one of your offers is going to offer you the most. Talk to parents , teachers ect

Ultimately its your decision no one can make it for.

Maybe go over the course modules again and see what you prefer . Hope this helps.
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