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SQA Higher Modern Studies Assignment

Hi, does anybody know any good topics on what to talk about for the Higher Modern Studies Assignment. I was think about Alcohol consumption in Scotland but I don't really know what to start writing about it, can somebody please help?
Hi, alcohol consumption could be a good topic! For things to write about, maybe try and tackle a specific problem with alcohol consumption (eg underage drinking, alcoholism, advertisements for alcohol, physical/mental health issues associated) and go from there? If in doubt, 100% speak to your teacher. Or like maybe speak to a friend irl or family member about it and try to brainstorm ideas for you to write about, that's what I did for mine and it helped.
The website understanding standards has a bunch of past papers and assignments completed from past years and they all come marked and with commentary, it's pretty useful for modern studies (but esp. the assignment)
I was originally going to do mine on drug legalistion but then changed it to how to tackle drug related deaths in Scotland.

Hope this helped a bit? :smile:
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I find it difficult to find sources on the internet about alcohol consumption in Scotland.

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