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Intellectually dishonest reviews of old literary aristocrats

In the Uk you have two writers, both from an aristocratic background, who were hounded by intellectually dishonest critics that gave them reviews simply on the grounds of their birth. I have read several of the contemporary reviews of Edward Bulwer-Lytton and Lord Dunsany, and they both present a criticism without substance. "Something is lacking" they say, but they refuse to specify what this is.
The fact of the matter is that both of these writers wrote very intertaining genre fiction, and both of them provided many happy moments for their readers in their own day. When Lytton describes the Pompei eruption or phrases "A dark and stormy night", he is breaking new ground and Dunsany was very important for men like JRR Tolkien. Lord Dunsany also complained about what I am mentioning in interviews he gave in the US.

Do you have an opìnion on these writers?
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