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Trying to rent after graduation (with a baby)

Hi. I'm currently in my 3rd and final year of uni, and I'm pregnant, with a due date in August. I work a part time job at uni, but will need to leave the job soon due to it not being safe during pregnancy. Me and my partner have 10k saved.

We have enough saved to cover at least the deposit and 6 months of rent, wherever we live, and we both have guarantors. However, I'm worried since neither of us have full time employment (and we're moving to a new city post graduation). I am scared no landlords or letting agents will be willing to take us due to us not having employment. Once we get a place my partner is going to be looking for an immediate full time job.

Is there anything we should explicitly say to landlords when applying, without having to disclose the pregnancy as obviously some landlords wouldn't be keen on letting to a family with a newborn. Very stressed as can't move back home!!

Thanks in advance <3
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