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EPQ Zeus help!!!!

I'm doing an EPQ on how the idealisation of Zeus has impacted modern day misogyny. My school hasn't been vey helpful and I'm more than lost. Can anyone help??
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EPQ's are pretty independent things where you don't get much help from teachers so I'm not very surprised. I would split any EPQ into three sections (not including intro and conclusion). That makes it more manageable and you can more easily evaluate each section and list the skills used/learnt (these bits are as important as the essay).
So in your first section you could look at portrayals of Zeus, the next section could look at misogyny more generally over the last how ever long (10 years, 100 years or whatever works for you) then the final section would focus in on your actual question. Write the intro at the end and in there define the terms, say why you want to research this and why it's important/relevant. Draw the whole thing together in your conclusion. I don't know anything about your subject but this approach worked for me. Hope that helps a bit.
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Thank you so much!! This actually really helped
Person above is absolutely correct, EPQ's are very independent, at least that's how it was for me my teacher gave me basic lessons on skills for EPQ like citations , research etc after that I was all on my own, at the beginning I had no idea what was going on, I really recommend making a plan, this helps you keep everything in touch, then you can literally split up everything, for example literature review for one section, you can give your some allocated times for each part, this is what I did, I also made a table for like any changes or adjustments I had to make if I didn't complete something, I would very recommend looking up how to maximise marks in EPQ, its things like your plan and the changes you make consistently throughout your EPQ which help with the Bulk of the project. Also as person mentioned above, sections are really good. My school recommended me to do Intro and conclusion last, because you can get all your research done make your sections, then you fully know what the EPQ is about and all the research and this can really help with making a good Intro and Conclusion
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Good advice above! Oh and do a Gantt chart!! They love a Gantt chart for some reason.

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