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GRG Year 11

Huhu I am beginning this late but I see committing to these series of blogs as quite very ingenious... 🤔.

What I aspire to achieve is : My last exam grades
¦¦ 6 : 6 Eng Lan
¦¦ 6 : 6 Eng Lit (for 06.11.23)
¦¦ 9 : 7 Maths
¦¦ 9 : NA Further Maths
¦¦ 9 : 8 Physics
¦¦ 9 : 7 Chemistry
¦¦ 9 : 8 Biology
¦¦ 9 : 9 Computer Science
¦¦ 9 : 9 Geography
¦¦ 6 : 5 French
¦¦ NA : 5 History
.and I will be dropping history.

I am very afraid as we have yet to finish covering the entire content and I may develop more knowledge gaps.
I hope to work consistently - enough to maintain my level but spare enough time to work on improving where I am lacking.
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I intend to find some good study spaces to work over the half term and will be going around town for some nice cafés.

The work I plan to complete over next week is:

¦¦ Checking Teams every morning as a reminder

¦¦ Completing all booklets (ma, cp, ph, bi, ch, gg, eg, fr)

¦¦ Sweeping science topics on Seneca (cp, ph, bi, ch, gg)

¦¦ Preparing essay plans and the like

¦¦ Practice writing and structure for ELP2

¦¦ Practice writing and answers for FrPA

¦¦ Memorise gg statistics and case studies

¦¦ Go through gg fieldwork (ext tba)

¦¦ Have feedback on writing (eg, gg, fr)
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I found one that seems to be very popular among students so I don't have to worry about their tolerance with me camping there. They also open the earliest at 7 and close the latest at 8 out of all the coffee shops I saw. I plan to go there tomorrow morning to complete all my booklets and get that out of the way
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Im going to finish my maths and science homework and then I'll be headed to city centre.
Hey @My.ang_lais how has your week gone? :smile:

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