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University of Manchester or University of Bristol for Psychology?

I have received an offer from University of Manchester for MSc Clinical and Health Psychology and from University of Bristol for Msc Applied Neuropsychology. I'm too confused about which one to pick. Which university/course is better in terms of employability?
They are comparable in terms of employability as a generic psychology MScs that give you something to add to your CV, but they are focussed on quite different things and pitched at different levels. The Clinical and Health MSc is a broad introduction to some of the stuff you will get more indepth training with on a DClinPsy or MSc Health Psychology. It's more of a natural intermediary step between undergrad and DClin.

The Applied Neuropsych at Bristol is heavily based on the academic element of the post DClinPsy qualification that Clinical Neuropsychologists are supposed to do alongside their Band 7 clinical posts, (and without a DClinPsy you are not going to be working in that setting). It's very focussed on neuropsych and not as geared towards mental health or health psychology. I guess it is interesting if you are into neuropsychology but super specialised in terms of content compared to the other one.

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