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KCL prestige in terms of law post-graduate opportunities?

I am considering applying for philosophy and law next year and KCL as I love both subjects, but I was wondering what post-graduate (solicitor) opportunities are like for KCL compared to unis like LSE, Durham etc.? I know competition for training contracts is so high, so wouldn't want to disadvantage myself.
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kcl is amongst the best for law, you'd be in perfectly good stead in terms of post-grad opportunities. practically on-par with lse, ucl and durham. would be no disadvantage in terms of career prospects.

if you'd like, you can search up on LinkedIn people at Magic Circle firms and other top firms and see what unis graduates studied at. kcl gets plenty into the top firms, and that's despite a huge percentage of people who do law at kcl, and more generally at kcl being international meaning much of the cohort return home rather than seeking a career here. numbers are the same as ucl and lse.

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