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bookw0rmm's Laptop recommendation thread

bookw0rmm's Laptop recommendation thread

More than £1000

Subject being studied
Maths, FM, economics, geography

Software that will be used
Microsoft Word, Teams, Powerpoint etc.

Screen size
13.3 to 14 inches

Operating system preference

Minimum amount of RAM
Not sure

Minimum storage requirement
Not sure - enough for my schoolwork?

Weight limit
Not sure, preferably just not a boulder

Used for playing games?

If yes, what games?

Touchscreen needed?
Don't mind

Are there any specific ports you need?

What devices do you have currently?
iPad Pro, iPhone

Laptops researched:
Laptop 1 - Macbook Air M1

Laptop 2 - Macbook Air M2

Laptop 3 - Macbook Pro M3

Additional Comments:
I’m mainly considering Macbooks to get the whole ‘apple ecosystem’, but I’m not sure if they’re worth the money compared to other brands. Also, are Macbook Air M1s still worth buying in 2024? Or should I just spend £150 more for the M2? I don’t see much of a difference. I’d prefer to spend as little as possible since I’ll likely buy the newest Macbook Pro (at the time) in 2 years when I begin uni.
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