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Amazon Finance Apprenticeship - No degree?

Did I read that correctly? No degree but will get the following qualifications ?

- L7 Apprenticeship standard- Accountancy/ Taxation Professional Apprenticeship standard
- Certification from The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

If true, that's a bummer :frown: With Level 7, I was hoping this will have a path to at least a Bachelors degree in accounting or something.
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CIMA is equivalent to a masters degree. A degree in accounting is basically a waste of time, if you did accounting at university then as a grad you'd just be doing the CIMA/ACA/ACCA anyway.

If you're interested in accounting apply because every apprenticeship in business finance will typically be the AAT followed by the CIMA/ACA/ACCA. No need for a bachelors.
Hi there, agree with fredfsts.

There are a increasing number of accountancy apprenticeships that do not offer a bachelors degree. Because what matters in finance is whether you have the professional (masters' level) qualification. The apprenticeship does this.

Should you decide to leave the finance profession after getting your qualification, you will be able to sidestep the 'degree or equivalent' requirement by using your L7 Masters Qualification if that's what you're concerned about.

You were looking for copper and have stumbled upon diamonds IMO.
I did a similar apprenticeship that got me the ACA without a degree. It hasn't hurt my career and I very much enjoy the extra ~£200 a month not spent on student loans. I'm a bit biased lol.

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