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Bath vs Birmingham Pharmacy

I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. Bath is closer and is definitely safer, but seems very secluded and not diverse. Birmingham is more diverse and is a city so more to do, but doesn't seem to have the best reputation. I'm assuming they both have similar facilities? Not sure which one would be more ideal as they're both relatively similar in terms of pricing even though bath is more likely to be more expensive on a day to day basis.
Hi there,

Deciding from here can be tough and there are lots of factors to think about. I can’t speak much on Birmingham but I can give you some information about Bath.

I would recommend taking a look at the course specifically for each university. You can see which modules you will be studying and this may help sway your decision if you see anything particular you like. Bath also has an amazing placement programme so you will have the opportunity to work throughout your course in pharmacy and get some industry experience.

Bath has a huge amount of facilities from sports (state of the art gym, football pitches, tennis courts, Olympic swimming pool etc.), to arts department (art studio, dance studio, theatre etc). There are design studios, cafes and restaurants, a workshop. There amazing societies which you can join for free, over 300 so you're sure to find something you'll enjoy!

Bath also offers great support services to students. Personally I have received both financial and wellbeing support from bath so I can definitely say the university looks out for its students in every way possible and is welcoming to absolutely everyone. It is easy, discreet and free to book onto wellbeing sessions and the university then advises on next steps when needed.

You should also look outside of the university. The town is beautiful with historical landmarks, easy transport (within the town and from the centre to the university is only 10 minutes on the bus) and lots of activities going on. If you want the big city, Bristol is only around the corner too!

While diversity is higher in Birmingham, bath is constantly making strides to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. There are many societies for different cultures and programmes which encourage lots of different people to come to bath so this is always getting more and more diverse.

Good luck with your decision!
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