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is sociology a rigorous a level?

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Sociology is difficult in terms of juggling theorists, concepts, sociologists, and time periods in which specific events happened [e.g., suffragette periods], but it depends on what it is you're filing under "rigorous", it's quite subjective imo. Sociology might be easier for someone who's naturally good at English and has very good argumentative skills in writing but not so good for someone who is more into mathematical and factually proven things as sociology has a lot of philosophy and "what if" topics involved. At the end of the day, do your research and see if you think the topics would be difficult for you or not
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Original post by tsracclol
I know its seen as one of the softer a levels

Sociology is a solid essay-based subject and will not be regarded as 'soft' by any UK Uni.

What Manchester probably mean is not subjects like Dance, Textiles, Accountancy etc - but if they dont include a list of non-acceptable subjects on their website, just email them and ask them.

And btw, other top Unis for Pharmacy or Pharmacology usually only ask for Chemistry and another science/maths, and are not that fussed about your 3rd subject. As examples, Bath asks for 'Chemistry and one other science or mathematics subject' and gives a list of acceptable science subjects that include Geography and Psychology, and Birmingham want 'Chemistry and at least one further science at A level from Biology, Mathematics or Physics'.
It's a traditionally academic subject and for the few universities that publish preferred subject lists, it's on all of them as a preferred subject.

It's not a "soft" subject at all.

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