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Can I skip community college with AS results.

Due to current situation in my country, i'm thinking to skip A level. I've already done AS and aiming to join US universities. So, can I skip community college with just my AS results?
Feel free to discuss your opinion and idea.
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So, I'm American and not super qualified to answer this, but since you aren't getting replies here I'll do my best. First, I'm not sure what you mean by "skipping" community college, but from my research, regular state universities don't need your A levels. AS levels will do just fine, but I think they might need GCSEs.
Here's a possibly helpful link:
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Special thanks! What i wna mean "skipping college" is that some said if students don't meet their pre-requisite, they have to spend 2 years in CC. I'm just worried whether i have to go or not.

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