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20 marker help

I'm in year 13, doing business. My exam board is Edexcel.

I'm unsure of how to layout a 20 marker. I know its point, application, explain, analysis and evaluate and then do a conclusion once all paragraphs are done. Like i know the general structure of it but i can never hit the points.
The teacher said i need to write more but i always run out of time but i always get low marks in analysis and evaluating but i don't know what to include.
What are some bullet points that i need to be hitting bc atm, its all over the place and idk where to start. What should i be saying?
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Hi, i find business 20 markers the easiest of them all because it is effectively just a benefit and a drawback of each option.

Take this exam question:
To continue developing the most innovative technology in the travel market, MT could either use more venture capital or a bank loan. Evaluate these two options and recommend which option would be most suitable for a company that operates in a dynamic market, such as MT

What I'd do is start off by looking at one option, say VC and do this:

Define the concept

how will it help with achieving the goal of creating the most innovative tech (VC often invest in sectors that they have good knowledge in so they may be able to provide insights into the best software for MT to use... linking to innovation)

in the paragraph above use: this leads to this because...therefore...furthermore... and hence to create chains of reasoning

once you've done the above thats the 'for' paragraph then just write the against paragraph:

however one limitation of VC is ... (they want high returns)

this will mean that they will not achieve their goal of X (innovative tech) because... (VC require high returns so may may not allow for profits to be reinvested but rather paid as dividends hence less innovation will take place)

thats pretty much the against so all you have to do is apply the same structure to the other option.

then the conclusion makes the use of MOPS which refers to the Market (dynamic, growing, shrinking ETC) Objectives (survival, sales/rev/profit max etc) Product (type of product, is it innovative, outdated, perishable) Situation (what is the situation of the business, is it losing money, breaking even etc)
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