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Is Design at Lancaster University worth it for someone interested in Graphic Design?

I've received offers from Lancaster for Design, then chester and staffordshire for graphic design. I really wanted to go to Uni of Leeds or Manchester Met for graphic design but sadly i was rejected by both.
I'm still sceptical of the course at lancaster as im very interested in graphic design, adveritising and branding and im not sure if its the uni for me due things ive heard about the lack of nightlife and the fact its not really near a city.
Anyone currently doing design at lancaster of graphic design at chester or Staffordshire and have any advice? I'm really stuck having been rejected by the unis i wanted to go to.
I'm in a similar boat, I didn't think much of the engineering at Lancaster when I went to the offer holders day.
The course at Lancaster isn't Graphic Design, it's Design generally - so you'd learn all sorts of different types of design processes, without really specialing in one. It's not a bad course at all, but by the sound of it, Staffs would be a much better bet.

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